Monday, 13 May 2013

All white in trainers.

My feet are in heaven! Thank you bloggers for trending wearing trainers with anything. It looks like New Balance didn't expect such a phenomenon to take place and are unable to provide us with more burgundy 410's. But hey, there are other brands that feel and look as good. During my trip to Berlin I came across an Adidas Originals store where there was a pair of sad looking blue Adistar Racers. I've decided to adopt them so that we could live happily ever after!

The fact is that as soon as I put them on I feel good. Instantly. To a certain degree of course... Fact number two - they go with absolutely anything. If your feet are tired of sky-high heels and uncomfortable flats, or you happen to have a little sport-related injury like me, give them a rest. You know they deserve it.

Wearing all white? Seems like a great idea to me. What do you think?

Photos by PJ

trainers, bag - Adidas Originals
the rest - Zara
sunglasses - Ray Ban
watch - Michael Kors

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