Thursday, 9 May 2013

On hair.

Hair is a big issue in every woman's life. And some men's as well. I don't know much about it but I wanted to share with you my favourite hair products. I've tried  gazillions of different conditioners, serums and other liquids that were meant to make my hair beautiful, lustrous and healthy. And here are my recent picks. I'll go trough them one by one.

As far shampoos are concerned, they do make a difference. I've recently discovered Davines MELU shampoo against breakage. When I had short hair I had no problems with split ends or little bits of broken hair magically appearing on my shoulders every time I brushed it. Longer hair gets tired and weaker. So here comes that beautiful shampoo full of spinach extract. Spinach is good for you, right? It must be good for the hair as well! I tend to shampoo twice to make sure my hair is clean without any bits of hairspray or anything else it picks up during the day.

As I was chatting to my friends who were complaining that their hair stops growing after a certain point (my hair seems be growing wild at the moement thanks to Jason at Hattbox and his 'exciting scissors') we came across this remedy from Lee Stafford - Treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length. I am sceptical about it's miracle hair growing skills but it is just a great hair mask. Makes my hair smell lush for a couple of days, shiny and well nourished. Will I wake up with hair going down to my waist one day? Who knows? Who cares? The best thing about it is that you'll not be able to stop using it!

Unite 7 seconds conditioner is what I spray on my hair before blow-drying it. It does wonders as far as detangling is concerned, helps with the frizz control and is really easy to use. You just spray it all over towel-dried hair and leave it in. Couldn't be easier? Before straightening I treat my hair to some Unite DFRIZZ argan oil. It gives the softness and the shine that your hair might be needing desperately. I also tend to spray a generous amount of it the night before I wash my hair in the morning to give it an extra boost when I'm sleeping. To finish things off I use the Davines MELU split ends serum. It smells divine and doesn't make your hair greasy. I just get a couple of pumps and work it through the ends of my hair when I'm done destroying it with GHDs or any other torture device.

And I'm sure that dry shampoo has changed many people's lives. It's the perfect solution for 'I overslept' kind of hair. Just spray it by the roots, work it in, brush it out and voila! One more day without washing your hair. I've tried different ones but the Batiste one seems to be the best option. It's cheap, smells great, doesn't leave white marks once you work it in and you won't find it make your clothes/fingernails dirty. It's like hair straighteners - how did we manage to live our lives before it was invented?

If mother nature did not bless you with strong, thick, straight or curly hair your life can be a misery every morning. I know it from experience. Fortunately, cosmetic companies spend years inventing products that are going to help us avoid all the drama. What are your favourite hair products? Any tips that might change our lives? If only I could get my hairdresser come to my house every morning... I would even make him a nice cup of coffee!

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