Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Instaweek #11

trainer mafia / my dream lampshade 

asparagus and prosciutto sandwiches / fritz kola enjoyed by M.

standert = bikes + coffee / the statue of liberty in Leicester... why? 

I can seeee youuuuu / the barn coffee 

Vogue Deutsch / last coffee at Kaffemitte with A, M and I 

Vogue braid bar / lunch at Zeit Fur Brot 

Susie Lau at Vogue Festival / freestyle band in Kreuzberg 

flat white with friends / temptation... 

in love with this snack! / turn me on  

Ciate caviar manicure / first Frappuccino this year  

cocktails at €3.90 / apparently Berlin is bigger than New York 

Berliner pilsner in Kreuzberg / mac buddies

Berlin Wall / breakfast at the airport

a very black coffee / flat white at The Barn

special cake delivery fromt he best Polish bakery Sowa / Once the musical

leather short and sandals on a Tuesday / how long is now?

really? / shorts and trainers

coffee roastery / sauerkraut burger

latte and deutsch / sunbathing in the garden

Susie Lau at Vogue Festival / a casual German vending machine

Another super exciting couple of weeks have passed. I had the pleasure of attending Vogue Festival, explore Berlin and get some decent tan lines over the bank holiday (it was lovely, wasn't it?). Now I bet you can imagine how difficult it was to go back to work yesterday... I seriously cannot believe it's May already! I hope you had a good time over the bank holiday weekend as well. For instant updates follow me on Instagram @iamshoeshopping.

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