Thursday, 23 May 2013

Inspiration. Summer shorts.

photos via Angleca Blick, Stylescrapbook, Fashion Vibe, Studded Hearts, Stockholm Streetstyle

Don't you just wish you could wear shorts every day? Since I live in the UK I can only dream about it... There might be two occasions a year to actually put them on! But there's something about shorts that makes them the most comfortable item of clothing ever. Is it because we wear them as careless children? Is it because you don't have to mind the way you get out of the car (as opposed to doing so when wearing a short skirt)? Or is it the fact that we normally bring them with us on our holiday trips?

There are so many varieties of shorts as well. Something to suit everyone. You can either go for a little denim number with a white t-shirt or smart tailored ones with a matching blazer. They are great for tidying up your garden as well as going out. Your shorts can be leather or silk. They look great with trainers and heels.

There are just a couple of rules to follow. Rule number one: leave your bum-cheeks covered. Seriously, no one fancies seeing the bottom of your beautifully shaped and perky cheeks hanging out. Leave something for the imagination. Rule number two: take care of your legs. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturise the skin regularly. It does make a difference. Exfoliation makes your skin look radiant, smooth, younger. If you do that to your face why not apply the same rule to the legs? Even if they aren't Heidi Klum -like long and Jennifer Lopez-like tanned, they will still look better when they are looked after.

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