Friday, 4 January 2013

Anja Rubik for Elle UK

My love for Anja Rubik, her work and her style goes way back... She's been on top for many years and even though she's approaching 30 (that's supposed to be quite old for a model, apparently) she is still one of the hottest names in the business. I call her 'the Polish Kate Moss minus cocaine'. What makes her the best? It's her effortlessness. Anja looks so natural in every shot. She's just herself, not trying to be anyone else and that is beautiful.

Below, you can see a video from behind the scenes of Anja's photoshoot for Elle UK. (Mr. Postman, could you please hurry and bring me my copy?) I don't really understand one thing though. How come certain fashion magazines (i.e. Elle) have totally devoted their covers to celebrities? With all due respect, what has Scarlett Johansson (who is a good actress btw) got to do with fashion? Apart from modelling for D&G's 'The One' of course... How come that such a catwalk superstar is being featured and she doesn't get the cover shoot? Dear Elle UK, we can see celebs in Grazia, Hello, O.K. and many more maybe not worthless but worth less publications. Please, give us some fashion!

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