Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New in. Last sales buys. Shoes.

If you were to call me and I wouldn't pick up, you would hear 'Hi, it's Eva. I'm shoe shopping'. That's how I came up with the name for the blog. And how did I come up with the voicemail message? I'm sure that every Sex and the City fan will know the answer to that question. Season 2 episode 18. Bang! Watch it here. How come that it is SHOES out of all items that we wear that get THE most attention? Well, I do and at the same don't know the answer to that question. All I know for sure is that a lady cannot possibly have too many pairs of shoes. It's simply an oxymoron. 'Too many pairs of shoes' sounds just wrong.

Following my life mantra I've taken advantage of the January sales and invited three new pairs to live in the see-through front Ikea boxes right by my wardrobe. I went for a pair of flats. I don't own many of them... but they do seem to be needed from time to time. I picked up a pair of black velvet loafers/slippers in a very Lucy Chadwick style. Can't wait to wear them with black skinny jeans and a white shirt! Also, I made my dream come true. I have been secretly in love with this pair of black lace sling-backs for months. Unfortunately, we were kept apart by the lack of my size. I'm glad we found each other one Thursday morning during an online shopping adventure. Great for work as well as romantic looks. I'm sure they will be frequently found on my feet complementing the floral trousers I got recently. The last pair is a kind of a compromise pair of shoes. I've been rambling on and on about the white stilettos. Couldn't find the perfect ones but I grabbed this lovely pair of white-ish heels off the shelf without even trying them on. We just looked each other in the eye and we knew we were meant to be together. All that love for less than £70. Roll on spring!

from left to right: black suede loafers Zara £19.99, white animal skin courts H&M £9.99, black lace sling-backs Zara £39.99

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