Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday wish list.

Wednesday already? Since it's the middle of the week I wanted to share my latest cravings with you. I'm beginning to be a bit fed up with the snow and icy roads as they currently dictate what footwear I'm able to wear! No one should be able to restrict a woman to what kind of shoes she is or isn't allowed to wear! Snow should get sentenced for that. To me it's like a crime... So I go online and look for happier times dreaming about the warmer months that are yet to come. I fell in love with that L.K.Bennet clutch when I saw it in the Sunday Times. Not a typical shape but a very universal set of colours. It's the kind of clutch everyone will notice and 10% of these people will start their conversation with you asking about the clutch.

I've also been thinking about getting a matching suit. I still can't decide between tartan or flowers though... Must go (window) shopping soon and look for what looks better and makes me feel good. Any suggestions? Maybe you've spotted some nice ones in shops I wouldn't normally go to?

£69.99 + £29.99

Now these loafers... I'm slightly confused but I want them. Too manly? Far too manly to wear with a matching suit? Who cares :P I would probably pop a hat on and carry a briefcase. Just to confuse others lol.

Looking forward to warmer days when I'll be able to wear delicate sheer tops again. Of course with embellishment! That is a trend from last season that I'm clearly not ready to give up!

Now going back to the basics. Lingerie. I've got a bit of a thing about lingerie even though I don't share that with too many people. for obvious reasons. But I'm thinking about doing a post on it... This set comes from a Valentine Day's collection by Rosie for M&S. Must have it!
And the last thing is the new Chanel make up range. So pink, so girly, so cute and so must get it! The pinkish nail varnish they feature in this collection is definitely the one I'll be wearing this spring. I'm just about to pop out to do some lunchtime shopping...

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