Monday, 28 January 2013

Instaweek #2

can't beat a good denim shirt / I seem to be drinking a lot of tea for a coffee person lol

officially in love with new Chanel nail varnishes / you said what...?

fantastic film / new spring lipstick

cappuccino at kafe bloc / fresh bread from a local bakery

coffee addiction / mushroom pate yummy

dinner with a friend in thai style / a bit of a mess in that changing room, eh?

floral explosion at h&m / leopard print cosy

coffee with a friend / gangster squad rules

Another week has just started. Just to sum up the previous one I put all my Instagram photos together. It was a busy week! I've seen two film that I highly recommend: The lie of Pi and Gangster Squad. If you haven't seen them you simply must catch up. I've also had lots of coffee in between meetings and blogging. Also, if you are a make up fan you simply must explore the new Chanel collection. All my favourite bloggers have been rambling on and on about it was well as it's simply delicious. Oh spring, please hurry! Have a good Monday everyone!

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