Saturday, 26 January 2013

Inspiration. Leather shorts.

Oh what a day! I left the house about 13 hours ago and just managed to sit down with my laptop so I do apologise for the slight delay... I've been doing some research ('research' is a hugely useful word to replace 'shopping' and feel less guilty) on leather shorts. It turns out that it is not so easy to get a pair! I managed to invite a few new members to my wardrobe but no l luck and far as leather shorts are concerned. Typical. There is one lovely pair that I fell in love with but wasn't able to try them on. They are by Topshop Boutique. I definitely need to pop in to a bigger Topshop! Nevertheless, here's some photos that I find inspiring. I can't imagine not getting a neon knit to go with the shorts. Dear high street, I am disappointed with your performance today but beware - I'm going to come back!

 Photos stolen form the Internet including the Man Repeller, Olivia Palermo, Victoria Tornegren and others

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