Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter shorts in real winter.

Now there it is. The Great British Winter, ladies and gentlemen. We have been praying for some snow for quite a while now, full of hope for school closures and extra days off at work. Doesn't look like it's going to happen in the Midlands though... Well, going back to the outfit. Winter shorts again. You can see my previous posts on winter shorts here and here. I think they look great with long coats. A piece of advice for people who are always cold - wear two pairs of tights and you won't feel the chill as much. The shorts I am wearing today are high-waisted and slightly puffed at the bottom. I paired them up with a white printed shirt for a smart look. And my favourite set of colours - black and navy- has taken the lead yet again. Is it snowing where you are? And yes, my dear American readers, we hate you for having sunny weather all year round lol.

Photos by PJ

coat, shirt, bag - Zara
shorts - Warehouse
hi-tops - River Island

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