Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happily never ever.

It was love at first sight. I bumped into them at Luton airport somewhere between Dixons and the smoothie place. They were right there, right in front of my eyes. I said 'hello lover' in a Carrie from Sex and the City style (every SATC fan will remember that scene when she's looking amazed at a pair of pink strappy sandals in a shop window). My lips were half parted, my eyes got wider and wider in a glare. Where have you been all my life? They were exactly why I'd been looking for for the last month or so. White. High. Sleek. Leather. Per-fect!

I came closer to them with a swing in my hip. I had to be cautious not to scare them away with the level of excitement burstig my heart into pieces inside my chest. They only had size 6 in the shop, which was a huge disappointment. Nevertheless, I squeezed my right foot into one of these beauties and it wasn't feeling too uncomfortable. I knew I needed size 7 really. disappointed, I walked away toward my gate. Before we went our separate ways I took a photo of them just to remember the moment when we first met. I've been staring at it all Christmas long. They were somewhere at the back of my mind when I was decorating my Christmas tree. Every time I got dressed to go out I wished I had these shoes. 'Oh, they would go with my outfit perfectly' was my mantra. 'That's it' I thought. 'I have to have them'.

MacBook on. Safari. Google: Kurt Geiger white heels. Click. There they are. In the sale - £120 melted into £39. 'It's clearly meant to be' I shouted out loud to myself in excitement. And size 7 is available! A rarity in sale... We were one click away. Tap on the touchpad and they're mine. MINE! My very own pair of white heels that I've been craving for. DPD was meant to be the barer of good news. Everyday I kept on checking my emails nervously in search for a 'your order has been dispatched' title amongst all that Groupon offers and Bloglivin' feed. Finally my mind was put at ease. There were going to be delivered the following day.

Since I am not the most patient person on the planet, I started planning my outfits around the shoes. They were meant to be my new most loved item in my wardrobe. I had huge plans for them. For us. I imagined how happy we would be together strolling down the town centre pavements, sipping coffee over Vogue, posing for the blog photos. I had it al planned, our whole future. At least for the spring/summer season. A DPD man finally knocked on my door. I nearly fell over dashing to the front door. The plastic foil got unwrapped in a fraction of a second, the box opened in one swift move and there they were. Shiny, spanking new, smelling of leather, looking at me coyly. They whispered 'take us out... Put us on... You know you want to...'. So I did. As that was the beginning of the end.

The right shoe fitted perfectly. I rushed to the mirror still holding the other one in my hand. It was that perfect moment when I saw the shoe embracing my foot in its whiteness. Just right. Not too small, not too big. Just right. I leant down to put the other shoe on to complete our happiness. And there it was. The grimace on my face said it all. 'I can't believe it' I whispered. 'This cannot be true' I shouted out loud. The left shoe didn't fit. Blast. Disaster. Double disaster. I tried to squeeze my foot in but it just wouldn't work. It was too small! I felt like an ugly sister trying on Cinderella's glass shoe. That was it. I sat on the stairs and looked and my bare left foot. It has always been slightly bigger than my right one but that had never been an issue before. Never ever. It was a Wednesday morning. My whole week got spoiled. I actually felt like my whole year would be cursed by this!

How did that happen? I was looking for an explanation, putting the shoes on and off just to make sure that I wasn't imagining it. One more time. Maybe this time I'll wake up from that horrible dream... 'Someone pinch me! I must be dreaming!'. With an extremely sad face I put my shoes back in the box. They were not mine any more. They had to go back to Kurt Geiger. After I wrapped the box back in foil and placed the return label on it I had a feeling that I had to try them on again just to make sure. But I didn't. For the first time in my life I decided to let it go. Maybe it wasn't meant to be? Maybe they were meant to make someone else's feet happy? I let go. I took them to the post office and my heart was waving good-bye with it's little red arms. My eyes watered for a second. That was it. That was our happily never ever...

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