Monday, 18 February 2013

Burberry Prorsum autumn winter 13/14

First of all, 2014??? I barely got used to writing 2013 in all documents. So I think, dear big world of fashion, that we're getting a bit too ahead of ourselves. But let's get back to Burberry Prorsum. Christopher Bailey is just proving his right to hold his job every season. After metallic juicy trenches I was not entirely sure what to expect today at 4pm.

I dashed home from work just to catch it. I flew though the door at 4:02 and without taking my coat off I was hoping the laptop would be merciful and start up quicker than normal. It wasn't. But I managed to watch most of the show (btw, isn't it great that big fashion is slightly more accessible now? thank you social media). I felt like 'a fat kid staring at a piece of chocolate cake' (do excuse my lack of political correctness here). All the show with the glass ceiling, the live band, the shiny piano. Masterpiece. But the most important were the clothes (and Cara Delevingne - does she ever sleep?). The camel, chunky stripes, metal. Finger-licnkin' good.

The trench. Will it ever disappear from Burberry's collections? Don't think so. Every season it's refreshed, updated, reborn. The camel trench with leopard print sleeves? I might re-mortgage my house and get one! It's definitely my favourite piece of the whole magnificently put together sample of Bailey's genius. I am no fashion critic. But I don't have to be one to appreciate Burberry's flawless creations. And the flats.

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