Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Canon Best Street Style Competition.

Aaaaa I'm soooo excited! As I announced on Twitter earlier today, I am going to London Fashion Weekend as one of the winners of Canon Best Street Style competition. This contest was organised by Stylescrapbook whom I've been following and loving for a few good years now. Andy Torres herself chose 20 people to come to London, enjoy the fashion event and blog about it with Canon, which is super exciting news! You can see the post announcing winners here. I am really looking forward to this event now. Thank you Andy! I'm really glad that you liked my outfit enough to award me with some tickets (you can see more photos of this style here). Only 10 days to go now... It will also be humungously exciting to share what was going on in London's Somerset House with you, my dear readers. So stay tuned! 

Congratulations to all the winners and I am looking forward to seeing you there! Also a huge thank you to my wonderful photographer PJ - I wouldn't be able to do all the blogging without you! You're the best!

Happy Pancake Day btw...

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