Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New in. Neon baby.

Time to add some bright colours to your wardrobe, dear ladies! Don't be shy. This season it's all about the brighter, the better! So if you haven't got any neon items at a hand, it's high time you went shopping. From hipster Rita Ora to classy Miroslava Duma - everyone is going for brights. Not sure about the idea? Go for a bright yellow beanie and try wearing it with anything you think it doesn't go with. Believe me. The less you think it matches your outfit the better it actually looks.

Inspired by sunshine I dashed to Zara (there was a rather interesting article about why Zara is worn by fashion people together with Philip Lim or Prada in The Guardian last Saturday) to do my bit for helping the economy. I picked up a pair of paisley printed jeans. I only have one pair of classic denim jeans in my wardrobe so I figured that one more pair won't hurt. I also went for a bright yellow/green/hi-vis jumper to create a bright casual look. Also, couldn't help myself but go for the red/pink/raspberry (what colours is it actually?) sling backs with little studs on the top of the heel. Last, for a sporty chic look I picked up a white jumper clearly inspired by the gym outfits but so chic at the same time. Cannot wait to share the whole looks with you! Happy Tuesday everyone!

pictures by me

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