Friday, 15 February 2013

Zara February Lookbook Inspiration.

Oh Zara, you never disappoint me... Who hasn't seen the February lookbook should catch up immediately, if not sooner. One might say that I am biased but this Spanish company definitely defines the trends and determines what appears in my wardrobe throughout the year. As I am currently looking for inspiration for my outfits for LFWend I came up with a simple conclusion: we are going to wear yellow, matching suits and white this season. Full-stop. 

Yellow-mustardish is definitely the colour. Happy but sophisticated. Goes with basically any other colour: black, white, green, blue, red, nude, aquamarine, burgundy. Anything. To get some more yellow inspiration check out Nicole and Veronica. They know how to rock it.

Matching suits are so Rita Ora-ish 'hot right now' as well. Wear it with a shirt or a slouchy t-shirt. It's up  to you. All footwear is allowed here as well: from heels to slippers. What matters most is the suit. See how Alice and Leandra wear their matching suits.

White is the new black. It's not just a colour reserved for formal shirts and towels. It's sophisticated, crisp, high-maintenence but sooooo worth it. Have a look at how Camille whites it out!

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