Saturday, 16 February 2013

Instaweek #4

he sure can cook! lol / totally agree with the statement above!

oops! there's a giraffe in my handbag! / white white white

 Polish doughnut Thursday celebrated with HB / stripes and camel? yes, please!

my latest read. makes me look intelligent or what? / cooking the good old spag bol

pancakes for lunch / to buy or not to buy?

Kate the great for Love / new nails, new lips, new colours for the new season

stripes baby! / amongst the winners of Canon Best Street Style! 

neon baby! / shoes to match my nail varnish

This week I have received some good news and learnt that giraffe's tongue is 18 inches long! Also, despite their long necks, they can't reach the ground unless they bend their front legs in a rather awkward manner. I have also added some bright colours to my wardrobe, changed my nail varnish and... ate a lot of sweet treats, as it turns out. All in all, a good week. Off to bake some peanut butter cookies now. And how was your week? You can follow me on Instagram by searching for @iamshoeshopping

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