Sunday, 17 February 2013

Winter white.

White in winter? Why not! I have been on and on about it and, finally, I present to you my winter white outfit. With a navy coat, to be more specific. Is it just me or does the fact that one is wearing white trousers make one more... aware? By aware I mean you automatically mind where you're sitting, what you're touching and how you're getting out of the car. Maybe it's just because I'm quite new to the concept of wearing white trousers. Well, I guess I will have to wear them more often just to get used to them. Just a little excuse there. I hope you had a good Sunday, just like I did. Catching up on gossip, good food and a nice cup of green tea now. Bliss.

Photos by PJ

coat, shirt, trousers - Zara
shoes - H&M


  1. Ewa, the best look so far <3 <3 <3 this is my number one outfit!

  2. I just love people who can manage white so simply! I could never do that, but you look a-mazing! :))

    check out my blog (i'm not so good at white, but still)


    1. Thanks Gema! I will surely check out your blog as well! Keep in touch xoxo