Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Snapshots from London Fashion Weekend.

As promised, I'm, sharing with you some on the snapshots from London Fashion Weekend. It was a great place to be at. Definitely. I managed to meet the fantastic team at Canon, some really stylish people, eat the best carrot cake in my life and listen to some inspiring fashion chats. I had a chance to hear the juicy stories behind the cover shoots for Elle thanks to Miette Johnson, the Art Director for Elle UK. She was also inspiring and had time to chat to us about directing one's career towards fashion. Lydia Rose Bright, VV Brown and Grace Woodward (quite big names, eh?) talked about vintage fashion and trying to raise awareness that it's not only about looking great but also re-using clothes as opposed to putting them in the bin to be destroyed. One of the best spots in Somerset House was of course the coffee shop - Tom's Deli. The best carrot cake ever, good coffee and nice chatty people hanging out there. Believe it or not, skinny people eat too! I was shocked, personally. Apart from it all, lots of really stunning clothes and accessories. From beautiful shoes to Cambridge Satchels (you should have one in neon!) and gloves with... finger nails? My friend and I went off on a mad one thinking what colours we should paint them. It was busy and bursting with fashion. A great event. Roll on September!

photos by me


  1. aaaa! is levi's 501 coming back? for me it has never gone away, but, you know ;)

  2. Levi's people made it so complicated with all the new curves collection! They were standing there measuring people's bums and thighs... How embarrassing! Long live 501!

  3. hello! Pani na ostatnim zdjęciu ma srebrny casio i masz rację, że srebrny również jest fantastyczny! fajnie tam było, dziękuję za zaproszenie:*