Thursday, 21 February 2013

Oh Stella. On matching suits.

Oh Stella. I fell in looove with matching suits. Stella McCartney does them like no one else. They have a perfect length jacket paired up with either shorts, a skirt or a pair of trousers. Masterpieces! They look ever so chic and sophisticated. Who would've thought that a simple man suit would ever evolve into what Stella presents in her collection right now?

Men and women's suits have such different functions though... Well they did when they were invented. A suit for an average man was introduced to hide what he wears 'off duty' and make him look more official but just like a small part of a big business machine. No identity, no out-staningness. For a lady, on the other hand, a matching suit is created to show off. It's a bit like we were peacocks and putting a matching suit on was like spreading our back feathers. The bolder, the better. Whether it is print, colour blocks or jacquard all that matters is that is has to make a statement. Well, my matching suit is on it's way. Hopefully, to be worn during London Fashion Weekend!

photos via net-a-porter

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