Friday, 30 November 2012

Casual in black with a shearling detail.

Brrr it's freezing! I'm glad I've found my very warm jacket at the bottom of my wardrobe! It's almost as surprising as finding a tenner in a jacket that you wore on a Saturday night out. How are you coping with the cold arctic wind that seems to be attacking the UK? I don't leave the house without my big wooly hat with a huge pom pom on the top. Nothing keeps me warmer! (Is it ok to walk around the streets with a hot water bottle under your jacket? No? I thought so...) I went for an all-black look with a grey t-shirt embellished with a glitter heart. Yes, my car and all my clothes are covered in glitter but i do not care. I love it!

Photos by PJ

jacket - Bershka
top, jeans - Topshop
hat - H&M
boots - Zara

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