Saturday, 10 November 2012

Shopping - Christmas party.

I know it's early, but you probably already know when your Christmas Party is going to take place. The company I work for announced it a couple of weeks ago! We're going to some kind of Moroccan place in London and, no surprise there, I've been thinking a lot about my outfit. Even though it's the same people you see around the office everyday, you kind of want to look special. Someone suggested that I have a bit of a challenge since I'm more or less dressy every day... While browsing the web I've been searching for some dresses and shoes to pick for that special occasion when I'm going to say 'cheers' about 50.000 times. Below, you can see three outfits I'm trying to decide between. They all involve blacks, gold, sparkle and glam. Hey, isn't it what Christmas parties are all about? You can click on the photo's descriptions to see where I've found the items. 

1. Black on black on black. The classic colour for any kind of party. A bit of shine, a bit of embellishment and very high heels. I'm sure I would feel good in that. Red lipstick is a must as well!

Embellished collar dress
Shiny clutch
And you should know these shoes by now

2. The jumpsuit. A great alternative to a party dress. There's only a few good ones in high street stores though! Also, an alternative colour. You can expect most of your colleagues to wear black... So why not be different? High heels are a must, but that goes without saying...

Emerald jumpsuit

Black and gold heels
A perfect clutch

3. The body. Wow! This one is sooo dressy. Since you're generally allowed to show a bit more... Why not? Of course I would recommend wearing a smart jacket and tailored trousers with it. Tacky is a no no! Again, heels. The higher the better!

The body

A perfect tailored blazer

Perfectly tailored wide trouser

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