Monday, 19 November 2012

Cosy in a big cream jumper.

It's official. I do not own many knits at all but I've dug them out from the bottom of my wardrobe to actually wear them in crisis-like situations (like going ice skating). This is one of my three wooly jumpers that I have. Really, only three? Yes. I went knit shopping with my housemate yesterday and she was surprised that the sleeves on most of pretty jumpers don't cover your hands holding a mobile but instead finish somewhere between your watch and elbow. Well, I guess the dilemma of looking good vs. being warm and comfortable has taken over our clothing habits. I usually go for the latter, no surprise there. On occasions though you can find me wearing a comfy long cream jumper like in the photos below. To make sure I was really warm I popped on a snood. You can't beat them! Also, since I got hold of perfect coated jeans, I have to point out that they look good with knits. The clash of textures rules!

Photos by PJ

jumper, snood - H&M
jeans, rings - Topshop
boots - Zara

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