Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday wishlist. Please can I have...

Since it's Friday I've decided to use my lunch break to do some browsing on-line. What's new in shops this week? Zara and Topshop did not disappoint me! I would kill for the leopard print ankle boots (unfortunately, I am forbidden to buy any more coats and boots since my housemate struggles to hang her coat when she comes home). I also loved the new jumpsuit with lace back - this would be perfect for a Christmas party! To top up my office chic I would also like to get that lovely handbag. You can fit all your files in there and still look stylish. Also, as I'm running low on my blusher and Guerlain is the best brand ever. It's not cheap but their products stay where they are supposed to be for hours! No need to touch up - less product used - less money spent (yes, that is how I justified spending a fortune on their eyeliner). Maybe you can tell me where can I get ombre tights? I'm not sure what I would wear them with though... Any ideas? Below, you can see a couple of fantastic items from Topshop. I'm so in love with these jeans! Baroque rules! There is also one item that I've been dreaming of for ages. Stella McCartney weekday knickers. So cute, sickly sweet but fabulous! Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get our Christmas wish lists ready I guess... Oh and one last thing. Kate Moss by Mario Testino... I've been flicking through it in my local Waterstones for ages!


  1. I like your website and you have a great taste, it would be awesome if you can link the clothes to the original place from where you saw them, this will save browsing

    1. Thank you very much Anonymous! And you're actually right.. I should start doing it. I can promise you direct links in my next posts!