Thursday, 15 November 2012

How we work? Iamshoeshopping Video.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to my fantastic friend Alicja, you are now able to see how PJ and I work. I very often get asked the same question 'Do you take photos everyday?'. The answer is no - we meet once a week or so and shoot 3-4 outfits at one go. We both juggle work, blog and PJ is still at the uni so, even though I wouldn't mind seeing PJ everyday, this works best for us both. Watch the video below to find out what our photo sessions look like and how we roll. Now you can imagine what he has to put up with... haha. I hope you'll enjoy this short film as much as I do! Thank you ever so much Alicja for making that video happen for us! You can also see her beautiful photography and other films here.

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