Monday, 26 November 2012

New in. Leather fix.

Aaaaa it looks like a certain trend has taken over my wardrobe, again. As I mentioned before, I was in need of leather items so I did not hesitate to get a couple of leather handbags. I went for the two classics that every woman should have at a ready - black and tan. Those are really the two varieties that you need for the everyday occasions. My old ones can go on eBay now that I have these huge bags which will help me carry my life around. I also went for a black leather front top (on the left) to go with more black or my burgundy jeans. Also, I bought a camel dress (on the right) made of really tactile fabric with a leather finish on the bottom. I did not expect to see camel anywhere else than on coats this season. Nevertheless, it is a very warm dress for those chilly winter days in the office. I also got a grey t-shirt. I figured that grey is the new white. This season is all about the grey combined with black leather and burgundy boots. You might see that combination on my blog soon... To top things up I treated myself to a bit of fragrance. It has been on my wish list for quite a while now. A lot of new fragrances came out in September and it was difficult to make the decision but Givenchy's new Dahlia Noir won. It is delicate and fresh in kind of a sensual way. Mmm...

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