Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Inspiration. THE rainy weather accessory.

Mr Rain please stop! It has been raining today since I opened my eyes in the morning (well, probably a bit earlier than that actually). That is why I started to look for some inspiration for a rainy day outfit. I'm not an umbrella fan so I would rather go for a fedora hat... And as far as protecting your feet is concerned, Hunters are the answer. They creeped in to the chic street look without a warning! The only wellies you would see before would be on children's little feet or on farmers. Now, dear ladies, we are allowed to enjoy the blessing of a wellington boot out there and look glamorous! The one blogger who rocks the Hunter style is AtlanticPacific. Check out her blog for some fabulous outfits combined with wellies. Below, Here are my favourite looks. The general rule about Hunter boots - the brighter the better! What colour should I get mine in... I think I would go for mustard yellow... What do you think?

photos stoles form the Internet

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